Marklin HO 37990 “Big Boy” class 4oo Heavy Freight Loco # 4013

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The model has high-power-motor with a bell-shaped armature and flywheel in the boiler, 8 axle-powered. 4 traction tyres. The articulated chassis enables the locomotive to negotiate sharp curves. Boxpok wheels Centre coupled axles spring loaded. Front signals, tender and number boxes illuminated with maintenance-free LEDs. Coupling hook in front can be inserted in the rail cleaner 
Close coupling between locomotive and tender. Steam pipes can be swivelled guided by cylinders. Mounted metal handles. Numerous mounted parts. 
Two Märklin 7226 smoke generators can be fitted. Length over couplings: 46.5 cm. 
Two digital decoders, regulated high power-drive, sound generator and other additional features. Front signal and to be fitted smoke generator conventional in operation, can be digitally controlled. Speed depending steam locomotive sounds, bell and whistle signals. Spotlight, number boards and cabin lighting as well as acceleration and braking delay with Control Unit 6021 digitally controlled. 
The powerful speaker in the locomotive is volume adjustable. Sound synchronised by contactor in chassis. Truly, Marklin attention to detail at it's best.
Run no more than 3 or 4 times.