About Grand Dad

Hello & Welcome to Grand Dad’s Marklin Model Train Collection

Gramps (actually it’s Jim) is an 81 year old, retired builder with all the usual aches and pains catching up with him after having spent a life time of physical exertion (otherwise known as working your butt off, mostly 6 days a week).
Four children, eight grandchildren and as yet one “Great Granddaughter”. Jim is more than happy to tell all in sundry, quote “Anyone can be a Granddad but a Great Granddad is something else again”.
Around forty years ago Jim decided he needed a hobby, he did some research and decided to “Build a Railroad”
with bridges, buildings, tunnels, landscapes, the whole 9 yards was the way to go so he started collecting (bit like a squirrel) for the day he could start construction.
Sadly, for any number of reasons, that day never came, time and space being the main obstacles (did we mention digital control?) you see Jim is old school, give him timber, nails, hammer & saw he will build you a castle (every man’s home is his castle) anything to do with computers is a pain in tha, you know where for him.
We do know that Gramps is honest as the day is long, wears his heart on his sleeve and will try to accommodate you If he can, all you have to do is ask, use the contact link to ask a question and Hey, thanks for calling in.

Contact: [email protected]