Marklin HO 24188 C Track Feeder/Interference Suppressor Set Fitted Complete

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The track is 24188 (188mm) fitted with an interference suppression and overload protection circuit board (74046) with spade connectors for C Track and a red and a brown feeder wire. One 74046 feeder wire set should be installed in each track power circuit to protect against possible radio and television interference caused by locomotives in operation. This feeder wire set also offers effective protection against overloads and short circuits, protection that responds very quickly, even with older transformers. This feeder wire set fits on the underside of the 24188 straight track which was designed to take the circuit board. Both the 24188 track and 74046 suppressor are in mint condition, brand new but as they are both purchased individually do not come with a box. Only $14.13 NZD Complete