Hello & Welcome to Grand Dad’s Marklin Model Train Collection

It has been my dream for neigh on 40 years to “Build a Railroad” but have never had the room (just storing the things I have is a problem in itself) to actually “Run Trains” has been impossible so my technical skills are absolutely zero. All I have is 2.600 m of analog track to see what goes and that is it.

Now due to age & health, it is time to hand the collection on so that the Marklin HO model train items are not lost forever. My loss is your gain, enjoy. Items are described to the very best of my knowledge and honest evaluation. 

Whilst I have been collecting for many years, I am not an expert. I sell items as used unless I am absolutely certain the item has never been used or box is unopened. I do not grade items as its too subjective. Also please be aware that items have sat unused for 10 to 15 years and may need some mild maintenance as lubrication does dry out over time. In the unlikely event of a return, the buyer will pay for return shipping and refunds will be settled on my receipt of returned goods. Thank you for your interest.